About us

The Burford Chamber of Trade was launched in 1967 by local business owners and is a voluntary organisation offering support and representation for local businesses in our beautiful, small town, gateway to the Cotswolds.

Our members currently serve a busy community of approximately 1000 residents together with many thousands of tourists who visit each year to appreciate the stunning Cotswolds architecture and history.

The town merchants were granted a charter to hold their own markets over 900 years ago, establishing a long tradition in the provision of both luxury and essential goods for residents and visitors.

Tourism has promoted a thriving history of hospitality and the emergence of exclusive shops, galleries and restaurants to cater for local and international tastes. As the gateway to the Cotswolds, Burford is an ideal location for both business and visitors alike, and we are delighted to encourage new members to join our Chamber and to promote their businesses on our official website accordingly.

The Chamber of Trade logo is based on the old Burford seal, depicting the ‘Ramping Cat’ of Burford (or, more accurately, the lion rampant gardant who is seen upright and facing the viewer). This is taken from the badge of Robert FitzHamon, who granted the original charter.

The logo was reworked in 2014 to update the design whilst maintaining its historical significance.

Aims & Objectives

There are four key objectives which the Chamber of Trade in Burford aims to achieve for the long term benefit of both its members and the community:

Support – the Chamber provides support for each member of the association to ensure the longevity, stability and success of the Burford business community.

Engage – the Chamber is constantly building networks with other appropriate organisations and stakeholders to boost the success of the town and its business community accordingly; this network includes local MPs, councillors, the tourist board and other business and tourism enterprises.

Promote – the Chamber strives to raise awareness and recognition of Burford as a thriving town to encourage both trade and tourism. The Chamber of Trade is also actively keen to promote itself via conventional and online media including social media.

Value – our members benefit both in terms of brand recognition and financial gain by being part of our established organisation.